1. This Privacy Policy regards the information we collect about you when you use the Numbstr ™ Mobile Application or the website at https://Numbstr.com

The purposes of processing the information you provide depend on what websites you visit and what services and functions you use simultaneously with the Numbstr ™ Mobile Application and (or) the website at https://Numbstr .com.

2. In particular, we use the collected information for:

- ensuring the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the USER AGREEMENT for joining «Numbstr!»™, the global Phone Number Trust Rating System, including the «Numbstr»™ mobile application and a web-service available at www.Numbstr.com and the provision the Numbstr ™ System Users with all the necessary and sufficient services

- protecting the System Users from known information security threats

- improving the interaction and operational comfort of the provided services, in particular, modernizing the interfaces and providing the necessary content for statistical purposes

- providing technical support for the products and services of the System for Users and improving the quality of the System's products and services

- responding to your questions and interacting with you.

3. According to this Policy, Confidential (personal) information means information about the User that came to the disposal of the Administration under the explicit and unconditional User's consent with the text of this Annex No. 1 to the User Agreement evidenced by the use of the Numbstr ™ Mobile Application and any other components of the Numbstr ™ System:

3.1. Users' information provided by themselves independently and explicitly when installing the Numbstr ™ Mobile Application

3.2. Users' information provided by themselves when registering (by installing the mobile application on their mobile or desktop devices) or in the process of using the Numbstr ™ Mobile Application or any other components of the Numbstr ™ System.

3.3. Information about the users that allows recognizing phone numbers listed in the contact list of the specific mobile device or SIM card, regardless of whether a user is registered in the System or not.

3.4. Information about the users that allows recognizing probable names assigned to phone numbers listed in the contact list of the specific mobile device, regardless of whether a user is registered in the System or not.

3.5. Information collected and transmitted by the Numbstr ™ mobile application to the System while running on the User's mobile or desktop device, namely, an IP-address, a profile's phone number, system date and time set on the User's device, User's device screen size, location data, the language set by default on the User's device, the time of opening the screens, the order of opening and closing the screens, information about the User's device model and the version of the Numbstr ™ software installed, the User's device system settings, and all the User's actions within the limited framework of the Mobile Application or the System Website, without exceptions.

3.6. Texts, images, illustrations, photo and video files added by the User to the System (including texts, photo and video files materials logically connected to the System's Information Elements or the third-party service, or connected to the third-party software).

3.7. User's location data (provided the User expresses explicit consent to obtain this type of data).

4. This Privacy Policy concerns any information about the User, that the Numbstr ™ System may obtain with the mobile application and (or) website. The User expresses an explicit and unconditional consent that such information may be collected using the third-party licensed anonymized online statistics and analytics systems following the GDPR rules and local legislation requirements.

5. This Policy covers only the functionality of the Numbstr ™ System, its mobile application, and website. The Administration does not control and is not liable for the third-party services and products available for the Users in the Numbstr ™ Mobile Application interface in the form of hyperlinks. The mentioned services and products may collect other types of data and perform other actions under the User's sole responsibility and consent confirmed within a third-party product or service and outside the Numbstr ™ System.

6. By default, the Administration does not and is not obliged to verify the accuracy of the provided user information, and does not take charge of the mental capacity of the users of the System. The possible consequences of the provision of false information do not entail responsibility for the Administration and (or) the System.

7. The System Administration respects the users' safety and privacy. Ratings, comments, reviews, reports, tags, or other Informational Elements of the System are only public statistics about Numbstr ™ System users' personal subjective evaluative opinion and reviews left under the sole responsibility of a particular user.

8. When registering as a User of the System and providing it with information about the third parties' phone numbers under this User Agreement, the User confirms that there is no order or prohibition of the relevant third party to disseminate the information about their phone numbers among the Numbstr ™ System Users, in its mobile application and on the website.

9. By providing information, the User as a subject of information gives to the GILRAEN LIMITED company (" the Administration") located at Spyrou Kyprianou 10, Flat / Office G1 Mesa Geitonia, 4001, Limassol, Cyprus their permanent consent to perform the following actions or a set of actions through the use or independently of any automation tools: data harvesting, recording, classification, accumulation, storage, updating, changing, extraction, use, transfer (i.e., distribution, provision, granting access), anonymization, blocking, deletion or destruction of any information received from the User.

10. For the purposes listed above, the Administration may transmit the received information to the anonymized data processing and analytics systems, licensed under relevant standards and requirements of the GDPR rules and local legislation, as the results of their work are necessary to fulfill the goals stated above until the User withdraws the correspondent consent. The Administration has the right to store the specific information received from the User in part of in full solely for the purposes determined by the legislation or for legal purposes required by the Administration within the Privacy Policy for the internal user identification or the upgrading and further development of the Numbstr ™ System, its mobile application and (or) website.

11. Besides, the Administration has the right to copy the information received from the User to store copies for a certain amount of time necessary to implement the functions declared in advertising and descriptions of the Numbstr ™ System, its mobile application, and (or) website.

12. The Administration has the right to provide data and Information Elements about the phone numbers linked to users' Phone Number Profiles to other Users of the System by granting access to text reviews, ratings, tags, variants of probable names for Phone Number Profiles in the Number Profiles, photo and video files, and illustrations posted by Users in the System, as well as information about the location of a particular User (only in the case the User independently and explicitly provided the Administration and the System with access to obtain information about their location and expressed consent to distribute such data among other User of the System).

13. The Administration has the right to share information (with or without personal data contained) to protect the Administration and the System, or its legal rights, or to fulfill its legal obligations when:

13.1. responding to requests received under the local legislation from the local government bodies

13.2. concerning the information posted by the User is illegal and (or) criminal

14. Besides, the Administration has the right to collect and update the available information about the User and their phone numbers provided by other Users of the System.

15. In the case, the User has already provided their personal data to the Administration and (or) would like to change or update such data in part or in full, or delete it from the System records, or know what personal data is used by the System, as well as in the case, the User has any questions or concerns regarding the processing of their personal data, they can contact the Numbstr ™ System technical support team at [email protected]

16. The Administration takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect information concerning and received from Users from any unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, or distribution, as well as from other illegal actions made by the third parties, including encoding or encrypting the information provided.

17. The Administration has the right to determine the storage location of information received from Users, as well as any other information used by the System at its own discretion and following the local legislation of a country of presence.